At the commencement of the 1950’s, there was only one sole Russian Orthodox church (of Vladimir) in Sydney,
which was located at Centennial Park. Under the then prevailing public transport system, it took 2 hours to travel from Fairfield
to the Vladimir church – one way!

Already in 1950, the idea of establishing a new church congregation and having Divine Services
conducted in a local church was evolving among the Fairfield Russian community. They were encouraged by the arrival and settlement of
Fr. Constantine Naverezhsky, and a development committee was formed, made up of: Messrs. Bahterev, Vihliayev, Goncharov, Kozhevnikov,
Stepaneeshev, Fartoohov, and Yakoonin.

Fr. Constantine responded positively to this idea, expressing his agreement to conduct
the Divine Services. A request was send to the then governing head of the Australian archdiocese, Archbishop Theodore Raphalsky.
In receiving his blessing and beginning in 1951, Sunday Divine Services were initially conducted in a Methodist hall, and then in the council
School of Arts hall.

Concurrently with this beginning, a meeting of the Fairfield Russian community was called, during which a temporary
committee was nominated, made up of: Fr. Constantine, Vihliayev, Goncharov, Kozhevnikov, Theodorov, and Yakoonin. This group was charged
to seek out the means of securing funds to secure a block of land for the church.

On the 3rd of May, 1952 an organised gathering of Russians from Fairfield was held, at which it was decided to petition Archbishop Theodore for his blessing to open a Russian Orthodox Community in Fairfield.

A resolution on 16th of May 1952 saw Archbishop Theodore’s confirmation of the meeting’s protocol, and Archimandrite Methodius Shlemin appointed to conduct church services.

Accordingly, the date of 16th of May can be regarded as the official beginning of the Fairfield Russian Orthodox Parish.

Soon after, on the 25th of May, the first general meeting was held of the newly created Orthodox community of Fairfield, which was attended by 54 members.

The meeting was chaired by the provost of Australia, Archpriest Theodore Mihailuk. This general meeting chose Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker from Myra as their Heavenly Patron.